About Me

Hi there! 

First, let me just say: THANKS FOR BEING HERE!  This blog has been a long time coming and you readers help give me the purpose and motivation I need to keep writing. In other words, you are AWESOME

I just wanted to open the door for you to get to know me a little better, since you’re here in my tiny corner of the world reading the things I am finally finding the courage to write.  Have I said thank you yet?  Yes?  Well, THANK YOU again.  Writing is truly something that comes from deep within me and it is a scary, joyful thing to share my words with others.

Anyway, I grew up in Minnesota.  I have five siblings (who are all lovely) and we grew up on the same farm my dad was raised on.  My parents were (and still are) hardworking, loving people who add so much to this world.  I am forever grateful to them for loving me, teaching me, and being a constant support in my life.  

My siblings each have their own families now, which means I hit the jackpot as far as in-laws go.  It also means that I am an auntie 15 times over, and that is absolutely one of my favorite roles in life.  I still can’t comprehend that my oldest niece is in law school while my youngest niece is just learning where her sass is at – she’s about 1 1/2, so you can imagine.  They are all amazing humans and I am proud to be Auntie Sonja.  

In more recent history, I am glad to say I’ve made it pretty triumphantly through this thing called a “pandemic”… you may have heard of it.  What a ride, huh?  Luckily for me about 6 months before it hit, I met the man who is now my husband.  You guys… I am SO thankful that he was there with me through that.  He is a smart, amazing, supportive, creative man with a great smile and the perfect level of sarcasm (usually).  We dated for a little over a year, got engaged, and somehow managed to plan a wedding during a pandemic… so that’s cool.  Thank you to everyone who has supported our relationship from the get-go; it means the world.  

As far as work goes, for about 15 years I have been in the early childhood world in one capacity or another – from nanny to day camp teacher to preschool teacher.  I absolutely love the early days of life; seeing children learn about the world, how to engage with their emotions and other people, and just witnessing the energy they bring to the world is just amazing to me.  I am currently working as a professional nanny for a family with two young boys who often give me a run for my money… but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

I’ll just end this little intro with a few random facts about me.  Some things I LOVE are coffee, my husband, running, reading, writing, going up north, time with friends & family, watching football, hiking, movies, podcasts, baking, my puppy Lizzy.  Things I could do without: bad drivers, too many gray days in a row, kids whining, and pooper scooper duty. 

That’s a wrap, folks.  Thanks for reading.  

With love & hope,