When the Dust Settles

A thought crept into my mind this morning while I sat drinking coffee and reading a book out on our new back porch. The thought was this…

When changes happen and the dust settles, what really matters is the people who are still standing with you.

Wishing the best for you even as they navigate their own ups and downs. Offering a hug or making you laugh when you need it. Sitting down to a meal together and being present. Helping you do the heavy lifting of life when you simply cannot do it all by yourself.

These people are true gems.

My husband comes to mind. Our families. Friends that have been around since I was 6 years old (you know who you are, G.) Friends from college who have stuck around since graduation (shout out to the Daum!) Friends that I’ve had at different stages of my life. So many memories of laughter and love. (I know… Sounds cheesy as heck, but it’s true.)

What I am really saying is I wouldn’t want to do life without these people. It’s so much more interesting and joyful and meaningful walking through this life with people that are willing to pull me into their lives in the best way, trying to love me in all my weirdness and letting me love them in theirs.

Newsflash: we’re all weird, and that’s great.

Anyway, I don’t much know where I am going with this post… but I’ll just end by saying this: appreciate your people (and I’m saying that as much to myself as I am to you.)

They know there is nobody like you, and they’re trying to help you see that too.

All my weirdness and love,
Sonja K.

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