In Honor of Poetry Month

Hi friends! I heard on the radio today that April is Poetry Month! Had life been a bit slower for me personally this month, I may have realized this sooner… but that’s okay because exciting things are happening!

Anyway, in honor of poetry month, I sat down tonight and wrote a little something. I hope it brings a bit of light to your soul.

Have a good evening! ~ Sonja K.

A welcome mat
A front door 
A thing I have been longing for

A quiet porch 
A hot mug 
The silence gives me a sweet hug 

Green grass
A firepit 
Warm feet when the fire is lit 

A warm bed 
A snuggly pup 
More than enough love for all of us

A bay window
The rays of sun 
Bringing warmth as they relentlessly come 

A place of joy 
A place to rest 
A place we’re loved to our very depths 

It welcomes us
Draws us in 
And lets us breathe life again

Welcome home.

Untitled poem (4-24-23) – Sonja K.

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