In Our Smallness

Hello, folks! Thanks for being here. I woke up and realized I wasn’t likely to go back to sleep, so what better way to start my Saturday than with a cup of coffee. a snuggly puppy on the couch next to me, and a little writing? It’s been a busy week at work and in my personal life, so a little bit of quiet and calm is most welcome.

A couple weeks ago, I finished reading the book Bring It Home: The Adventure of Finding Yourself After Being Lost in Religion by Matt Kendziera. The title sounded a bit heavy to me at first, but I quickly realized that this author shares out of his own experience of religion and faith in a funny way, which is not always easy to do. His journey is relatable, especially if you’re someone who grew up in the evangelical church. He also has a podcast called Chasing Goodness, which is actually how I found this book in the first place – it’s on Spotify, if you’re interested.

Anyway, as I said, I finished reading this book a couple weeks ago… but I keep coming back to different quotes from it that I find irresistible. The one I want to share today has given me some legs to stand on this past week and I am grateful. It was a reminder to act with intentionality and love, and to recognize that my smallness has effects on the world and humanity in a unique way, as does all the intricacies of yours. So, I hope you are encouraged by his words below and we all keep heading towards true life together. With hope until next time ~ Sonja K.

In our quest to be the best, the most successful, the richest, or the most liked, we end up lifeless. True life and true happiness are not found in our greatness but in our smallness. They are found in conversations with friends, in the eyes of our children, in the causes of the oppressed, and in the hearts of the humble.

Matt Kendziera – Bring It Home, pg. 61

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