Love Surrounds

Hey all! Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of you who keep stopping by my blog every so often. It has been so great to have a space to share my thoughts about life this year. I really feel that it’s become a place to embrace growth and also to interact with others about their life journeys. I am thankful for you.

Even in the midst of the unpredictability of life, writing is something that brings me peace. And on the flipside (at least for me), reading is sometimes an escape into someone else’s story, and a pathway to learning about myself and the world.

The power of language and the written word is so uncontested. Words hold such magic.

Before I head out shortly to go share a meal with people I love, I just wanted to share a poem with you. As Thanksgiving is happening today and Christmas will come quicker than we think, I was thinking about all the loved ones each of us wishes could be with us on special days like this.

Most importantly I just want to say, if you’re grieving this holiday season, may peace find you. May love catch you in unexpected ways.

Much love ~ Sonja K.

Seeing you
That dimple on your cheek
Proof of your smile
You nod and laugh
In a room with family who are friends and friends who are family Completely surrounded by love
Just as I knew you would be
This is my favorite way to see you
Pressing on, enjoying life, embracing love
I am gone
but not gone
You may not see me
But your life reflects love
And that’s how you know I am still with you

Written by: Sonja K. For all those I love whose journeys on earth didn’t seem long enough – thanks for keeping an eye on me.

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