Hello friends! I am excited to share with you a few quotes tonight around the theme of light. The first comes from a book I’m currently reading by Richard Rohr. This is the second of his books on my list and I find myself taking my time reading it so as to let the words settle in… sometimes after a chapter, sometimes a page, sometimes a sentence. There is just so much I am gleaning from his unique perspective. Here is the quote that has been rolling around my head this week:

Mind BLOWN. Have you ever heard light described in that way? I sure haven’t, and especially not in a spiritual context. Light is the way we can see the world in the first place, and then see how to love within it.

These words of Rohr reminded me of one of my favorite quotes of Albus Dumbledore (who I tend to think has oh so many good things to say). It reads:

“Turning on the light” can take many forms. Sickness can be a dark time, but recognizing those caring for you is a way of turning on the light. I think people would agree that sometimes divorce or a bad breakup can be a lonely road; turning on the light could be choosing time with good friends. Loss and grief can seem unending when you’re in it, but a shoulder to cry on or just someone sitting with you can be a source of light. Starting a new job can be challenging, but light could come through the presence and encouragement of a good manager. There are just so many ways light can break through in our lives, and make us notice the good things right in front of us.

I am going to share one last quote with you, and I hope it sparks wonder about your very self. Let it remind you that you are radiant in a way only you can be. These words come from one of Oprah’s podcast episodes (though I neglected to write down the title of the episode when I jotted this down… but I feel like she’d forgive me). It reads as follows:

Until next time, shine bright. – Sonja K.

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