Sitting with Me

I find myself at a loss for words today.

I’m sitting by a lake, the gentle waves lapping up onto the shore. Every now and then a bird sings. The dog is keeping busy exploring the shoreline, jumping in and out of the water unpredictably. The warm aroma of hot coffee reaches me from the table next to my lawn chair. Somewhere around here the man I love is giving his own soul some reflection and care.

This is a place I cherish. The comfort of its constancy is overwhelming, and yet the changes it does proclaim are beautiful— the buds in spring, the warm sunshine in summer, the colorful leaves of autumn, the stillness of winter.

Sitting here now in a steady breeze, the leaves whispering behind me, I simply feel peace. Contentment. Joy. Gratitude.

My last few weeks have felt jam-packed. Between trying to learn a new job and all that comes with that, and going to events with my husband and our families, it has been quite a ride. All good things thankfully, but busy nonetheless.

It just feels good to sit and come back to myself again.

Living in the grace of today. ~ Sonja K.

P.s. I am trying to go easy on myself as I am learning new things and figuring out my new routines around work/life flow. Just know that my posts may be unpredictable in their timing for now while I am getting a handle on things. Thanks for being here 💛

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