Connection is Life

Well, folks… it’s Friday evening and I’m just now realizing how busy my mind has been this week. If you’re wondering, I started a new job two weeks ago, so my brain has been a bit crowded with new information and new processes. It’s been a great gig so far, but I’m using a lot of brain power and energy toward that… which is why I missed my Monday post and didn’t even realize it. 😆 But I’m back tonight to share a quote from my week.

So… moving right along…

I have fortunately been able to find a few solitary moments this week and my mental capacity could handle reading a bit (unlike last week when I wanted to go to bed at 7pm every night out of pure exhaustion.) This week’s quote comes again from Richard Rohr’s book Eager to Love. It reads:

Life is never about being correct, but only and always about being connected. Just stay connected. At all costs stay connected. Our only holiness is by participation and surrender to the Body of Love, and not by any private performance. This is the joining of hands from generation to generation that can still change the world—and will. Because Love is One, and this Love is either shared and passed on or it is not the Great Love at all. The One Love is always eager, and, in fact, such eagerness is precisely the giveaway that we are dealing with something divine and eternal.

Richard Rohr – Eager to Love – Pg. 207

I’ve come back to this passage a couple times this week, and I just love that emphasis on connection. I always feel better when I’m connected to others and caring about others, and his words helped me understand why. Life is all about connection. I’d love to read your thoughts on Rohr’s words, so please comment below or shoot me an email.

Thanks for being here. ~ Sonja K.

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