How We Can See

Good morning! It’s time for my “Quote of the Week” post, where I share some words that have been meaningful to me in some way this week. Sometimes these words are song lyrics or poetry, but often they come from a book I’m currently reading. Sharing them with you and reflecting on them in this space gives me a deeper way to interact with the written words, so thank you for being here. I’d love to read your thoughts on what I’m sharing so please feel free to comment below or shoot me an email.

This morning I wanted to share a quote with you from Richard Rohr’s book Eager to Love: The Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi. I started reading this book because I had listened to a really compelling interview with him awhile ago. At that time, I added some of his books to my “Want to Read” list because he so calmly stated his points with such love and respect. In short, he intrigued me. His was just such a fresh new perspective to me and I really enjoyed listening to his thoughts.

It is interesting to me that Francis of Assisi, as Rohr points out, was so loving towards the natural world. I can relate to this – I feel so much better the more time I spend outside. There is a direct correlation between my mood, my contentment and how much time I’ve spent outside. I think that’s why the following words stuck out to me:

Such. Beautiful. Words. I want to carry them with me as a reminder not only to be more mindful of nature and the complex beauty of it, but to see the beauty in other people. To see how other people love. To see where peace flows from one person to the next because of that love. To see the good things in other people’s lives and celebrate them.

Love and hope today, friends. ~ Sonja K.

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