Quiet Moments

It’s Monday evening. I’m sitting on our back deck with my feet up, laptop resting on my legs, and our dog wandering aimlessly around the yard. The sun is shining, and some birds are singing. It’s a quiet evening.

In the calm of this moment, gratitude rises within me. Not everything about today was easy, but this moment is. It rests on me and in so doing, recharges me. This one moment gives me the space to breathe. To just be.

It’s so easy to get caught in the rush of life. To go from one thing to the next, one responsibility to the next, one social outing to the next, without taking time to sit with ourselves and think about our lives. We’re too busy living to think about living. But are we living? Are we really?

It’s a question only you can answer for yourself.

I never regret when I make time to be quiet and sit with myself. There is usually some inner prompting or thought that makes itself plain to me, and often I make it my mantra for the day or my prayer before I sleep. There is just something about quiet moments that makes truth bubble up inside of us. It usually feels good to embrace that.

I hope you get one moment to yourself today. I hope in that moment you are filled with a thought that fills you up and lifts you. I hope you know that even if today was hard, you MADE it. You DID it – another day in your shoes. You’re pretty amazing.

Until next time,
Sonja K.

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    • Are you with me when I say that I can tell if I haven’t taken time to be with myself and breathe? It gets rough if I avoid doing that. And it’s so good when I finally do it!

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