A Summer’s Day

A brightly colored flower against the backdrop of pure green. Fluffy white clouds floating through the ocean of vast blue sky. Thistles threatening, their danger balanced by blooms of pretty purply pink. Trees reaching their arms toward the sky like green giants waking up from slumber.

These things and more are seen on a summer’s day in Minnesota when one ventures out into the woods. The beauty stretches on, the soul drinks it in. There are few places for me that can fill my inner being up more than wandering along paths never before travelled. There’s something about it that dims my problems and grants gratitude for the moment and the beauty before me. It’s like magic.

Letting myself get distracted by the color of a flower’s petals or the shape of a tree’s trunk or the steepness of an impending ravine, is the best kind of distraction there is. It gives me perspective. It helps me see that I am a part of an intricate, beautiful world. It gives me pause in the best way.

After I post this today, I hope to find myself outside again. Whether I go for a bike ride or pull weeds in my garden, I want to breathe in the freshness of the evening. My soul will thank me for it tomorrow.

With gratitude for a life in this beautiful world,
Sonja K.

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