A Friend

Sometimes I read a book, just to read a book. Just to let my mind enter another world and settle into the rhythm of that space. To see what another experience or time period of life was like. To sink into the story of another and try to imagine myself in their unique reality.

I embrace the escape like a good cup of coffee, sipping every last drop. I have a sort of need to know what happens to these fictional friends and foes. I want to see love conquer, justice win. I want to read about how they had a broken life that was full of beauty (because if that’s not relatable, I don’t know what is).

This week I started reading Eternal, by Lisa Scottoline. It’s a work of historical fiction that takes place beginning in the 1920’s in an Italy under the rule of Mussolini. So far, it is a beautifully heartbreaking story of three young friends who each face different challenges in their lives as the world marches toward war (though none of the three acknowledge this).

The quote I want to share this week is a string of special words that one friend in the book says to another after her father’s funeral. It reads:

You don’t see yourself as special, but you are. You do what needs to be done, no matter what. You kept doing after your mother left and you will keep doing after your father. I don’t know anyone who does that, but you. Only you.

Eternal – pg. 132

In whatever way you are “doing” this week, I hope you have someone who looks at you and says words like these. Someone who tells you how special you are. Someone who recognizes your strength and your compassion. Someone who is there with a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on instead of trying to solve all your problems or offer lame platitudes. Someone who is a true friend.

I feel so very lucky to have some loved ones in my corner who do this on the regular (you know who you are). I know they have my back, and it’s my honor to have theirs. As I face my late-thirties (no more denying it), I’m learning that it’s more important to have these people present in my life than to be liked by everyone or try to people-please. It’s so valuable and loving to me to have my true heart and self seen.

Connection on a deep level is so meaningful. I hope everyone who is reading this right now can find someone to connect with today. Write to someone, call someone, shoot a text, make a point of reaching out to someone who cares about you. Your day will be better for it.

You are valuable. You offer a unique presence in the world. And there are people who care about you and your life. We’re all better together so let’s embrace it.

~ Sonja K.

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