Deep Truth

Hello, friends! It’s Friday, which means I get to share with you another “Quote of the Week.” I am currently reading about five different books, so it was a bit tricky to pick just one thing that spoke to me. And not to mention it seems like every song I hear has a line or two that hit me right between the eyes and make me stop and wonder at this thing we call life. It seems that I am learning a lot about myself lately and so I chose a passage to reflect a bit on that.

I don’t know about you, but I can be my own worst critic. Even if I am particularly skilled at something, I can still find the imperfections in the outcome. That’s one big reason it took me years to start a blog… there were too many “what ifs” rolling around in my brain. I finally came to the point where I simply decided I just needed to do it, regardless of other people’s opinions or anything else I was worried about. I just needed to take the leap and put my creativity out there. And you know what? I am SO glad I did! I get so much joy from writing and from interacting with words in a different way. It’s also amazing to me that I can connect with YOU – people I may or may not know personally, but who are all over the world! It blows my mind that you all can read my writing and tell me about your own experiences. That’s so special to me.

So anyway, I am learning to let go of this whole self-critical nonsense (though am convinced that it’s a lifelong lesson). I’m currently continuing to make my way through Martha Beck’s book The Way of Integrity. If you’re one of those people, like me, who has ever been sitting in a college lit class enjoying a lecture about The Divine Comedy, then I highly recommend picking up this particular book. It is so interesting how she guides the reader through Dante’s journey and points out the parallels and psychological metaphors that apply to us today as we try to reconcile who we are right now with who we know we are deep inside. I’m not saying I agree with everything she says (and don’t tell her, but sometimes I blow right past the “exercise” sections just because I want to know what is coming next.) However, I am definitely saying that this book might show you something about yourself; it’s certainly doing that for me.

The quote I want to share is one that resonated deeply with me. I actually typed it out as a reminder on my phone, because it’s so beautiful and powerful that I figured reading it to myself at least once a day could do me some good. The experience she writes about surrounding these words is incredible, but I won’t spoil it (go to the library or go online and get the book!) Here are her incredible words:

That is the deep truth that hit me and that, as the author points out, we all need to know. When I first read the paragraph containing these words, I think I reread it 6 or 7 times. It made something bubble up in my soul.

I hope you to let those words wash over you as you start your weekend. And no matter what happens, reach for the truth in them. It’s beautifully there.

~ Sonja K.

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  1. Yes! “The Lord your God … takes great delight in you… He rejoices of you with singing!” (Zeph 3:17) The perfect Creator loves me; I get that. Because He is all good and all living. But… that He takes delight and rejoices over me/you with singing!? God, dancing in heaven… because He looked down on you! That is incredible!

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