Poetry Post: “Out of the Gray”

Hello, friends! I hope your week is going well. If it’s not, I hope it gets better. You got this!

Today I am sharing with you an original poem. You will find it below. I hope it encourages you as you face the rest of your week.

Thanks for being here. ~ Sonja K.

Another gray day stretches on 
Rain, falling softly
Wind, whipping hard one minute
shifting to a breeze the next
Too cool to carry the promise of spring
Too warm to threaten winter’s terror
What can be heard now is
the soul.
What does it say?
What is the next right thing
that only you can do?
Softly, gently, one word bubbles up
And then hope.
These two together can make you see
that even this gray day will not
last forever.
It will end.
Joy will come.
A new day bringing new things.
Out of the gray
Colors will erupt
You will be awestruck and wonder
at the beauty that is your one, unique life.

No. 23 - “Out of the Gray”
Original Poem By: Sonja Ketchum

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