Trust Those Instincts

Hello friends! Thanks for being here today! I took Monday off from posting due to being out of town for the 4th of July holiday. If you were celebrating too, I hope the weekend was fun, safe, and relaxing for you as well.

For the “Quote of the Week” today, I’m sharing with you a snippet of one of my favorite songs from the musical Wicked. Here are the lines I’ve been reflecting on as I’ve gone through my week with this song as one of my mental and audio companions:

These lines have reminded me to drown out the noise of the opinions of others and trust myself first. They remind me that I must listen closely to what my spirit and my gut are telling me when I approach a decision. Sure I can ask for advice or different perspectives on things from others— that can be really helpful and valuable. But ultimately, I am the one who is walking this journey and I will be the one to live out the consequences of my decisions.

Sometimes when we follow our instincts, especially if they go against what culture or other people are telling us to do, it can be really difficult to keep going. In that instance, we may need to just remind ourselves to do the next right thing for our own journey, even if it’s an itty-bitty thing. Slowly you will gain momentum in the direction you feel you are meant to go as all those little “next right things” start to add up.

So friend, I remind you (and myself) that there is only one you and only one heart like yours. It is worth it to take risks in a positive direction; take that leap and trust those instincts, knowing that you know and trust yourself. Don’t ignore when you feel something off about a situation, and definitely pay attention when peace or hope fill you up from a deep place within, especially in the midst of a hard thing. Slow down and listen to what you and your heart truly need in order to live your one beautiful life, instead of allowing outside distractions to dictate your time and energy. Love yourself by listening to yourself.

Have a lovely weekend, friends! Always feel free to send me an email or comment below if you have thoughts about what I’ve shared. I’d love to connect with you.

~ Sonja K.

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