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Hello, friends!
This week I started reading The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck. I’ll be honest… I found a quote in the INTRODUCTION that I wanted to share with you. In other words, this book seems sure to challenge me… and when I say that, I mean it will probably kick my butt in new and interesting ways. I can’t recommend it yet, as I’m not too far into it, but I will say that it is interesting.

The quote I want to share with you reads as follows:

The word [integrity] comes from the Latin integer, which simply means “intact.” To be in integrity is to be one thing, whole and undivided.

The Way of Integrity – Martha Beck – pg xiv

My mind was blown when I read that quote. I grew up hearing that word pretty often, but I don’t think I ever heard it stripped down to its’ roots and defined in that way. This definition challenges me to think about how I’m living and loving; it makes me want to show up as my whole self every time, in any situation, because THAT is what it means to live in integrity. To be the person I am no matter what the setting and to stay true to myself as I go forward.

If I could choose to be one thing, it would be love. Certainly how I show love to different people varies, but the point is that the love within me for myself, my God, and for my fellow humans is what drives me to show up. I want to be “intact,” a whole person showing up for the good of this human race and this world. That seems like a great objective for the days I’m spending here on this earth.

Thanks for being here today. The Quote of the Week post is fun for me as it allows me to interact with the words I’m reading in a deeper way, and to pass along words of reflection and affirmation to you, my readers. I hope you take one step towards being your whole, undivided self today.

Love and hope,

Sonja K.

Just sharing some beauty from my day.

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