7 Things I Waste Time Worrying About

Today’s post is brought to you by… worry! You know… that really obnoxious thing that creeps into your mind and makes you go nuts.

I have been thinking lately about how I can transform my worry into something productive. The list below includes seven things I waste time worrying about, and the ways I try to mentally combat them.

The 7 Things

  1. What others think. I don’t want to be the person OTHERS think I should be. I want to be who I AM, in all my strengths, weaknesses and quirks. After all, there’s only one me.
  2. Whether or not I’m capable. I know I am capable of many things, and probably have potential I haven’t even tapped yet… so why is this even a thing? Believing in myself is key.
  3. What we will make for dinner… I swear half of being an adult is thinking about this exact dilemma. Thankfully meal planning has become somewhat of a habit for us. And when in doubt? It’s okay to order in every now and then.
  4. What I’ll be doing in five years. The more important thing is what I’m doing and who I am today, because that is where I am RIGHT NOW.
  5. How someone will react to something important I have to say. I have the control over what I say, not over how it’s received. And that’s okay. All I can do is try to communicate my thoughts and feelings effectively; I have no control over theirs, and that’s a burden lifted off of me.
  6. Being right. It’s more important to be connected and open with people than it is to convince them of something unequivocally.
  7. How much money I make. My husband and I make the money work for us, whatever that looks like. I’m lucky to have a partner in the arena with me who works with me to figure out financial stuff. Also, money is not life… love, family, friendship, joy – those things are life.

My hope is that I can learn to win that mental battle every time by reminding myself of these truths. Maybe it’ll help one of you to reframe your experience of worry too. Maybe today we can both worry a little less and enjoy living a little more. I’m rootin’ for ya.

Thanks for being here again this week. When you stop by to read my thoughts, it means a lot to me. Sending you love and hope today. ~ Sonja K.

One place worry cannot seem to find me. 🙂

2 responses to “7 Things I Waste Time Worrying About”

  1. Ummm number 3 gets exponentially more annoying/concerning after kids. I do meal plan but I’ve learned to hate grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking. It is soul destroying. Definitely the hear you on that one.

    • Well, that’s good to know. I don’t mind doing the things, and Steve does some too… it’s just the nagging thought of “oh did I forget to take something out of the freezer or forget to put something on the list?” Etc etc that causes unneeded energy use for me.
      Also, these 7 things are in no particular order… just the order they came to mind fyi 🙂 I probably should edit to say that!

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