Choosing Joy

Happy Friday, everyone! This past week I’ve started reading Bob Goff’s book Undistracted. I love the voice he writes in – it’s both simple and profound, challenging but loving. He offers relatable insight into life and the work of finding joy.

The quote I am sharing today focuses on the ability to choose joy and happiness, and what happens as a result of that decision. I invite you to read it a few times. Let it sit with you. You could even write it down yourself, read it again, and underline, circle, or highlight the things that stand out to you.

The question I asked myself after reading this quote was this: what’s holding me back from choosing happiness and joy? Don’t I want my life to be full of kindness, empathy, and engagement?

It seems obvious after reading his words, that those things will not happen as a result of a constant state of anger, sadness, or other negative emotion. To bear goodness, I have to focus on goodness. I have to find the people and experiences that spark joy in my life and embrace them.

I hope you do at least one thing today that brings you joy, that sets your soul ablaze, that adds to your life’s collection of happiness.

~ Sonja K.

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