Capabilities & Callings

Hey friends! I was listening to the Dream Big podcast this week and heard something that has been stuck in my brain ever since. I decided it would be the words I share this week for my Quote of the Week.

This really hit home for me in more areas of my life than I can tell you. Scenario after scenario have been running through my brain of things I could do because I have the skill set.

But just think if I said yes to everything I’m capable of doing… where do you think that would lead me?

I’ll tell you where… to exhaustion, to bitterness, to anger, to resentment. I can’t think of one good thing that living that “yes life” would lead me to. And in fact, I think it would lead me further and further away from my authentic self.

I am capable of so much, but I also have my peace to protect. I need to have the energy to love my husband, my family, my friends. I need to be the most loving, hopeful version of myself.

One thing that’ll help me do that, is saying “no” even when I may be capable of doing something. Saying “no” when I know I’m capable, but I don’t feel good inside about doing that thing. Saying “yes” to things that call to my heart and my soul.

I’d rather say “yes” to the things that call to me because I know they will likely lead to peace, love, joy and who knows what other good things. That sounds like the kind of life I’d like to live.

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