Finding That Courage

The quote of the week this morning comes to you from Emmanuel Acho’s new book Illogical: Saying Yes to a Life Without Limits. So far, this book has been pushing me in ways I didn’t see coming. Acho’s raw honesty has really been speaking to me and I appreciate the passionate way he writes.

The quote I want to share with you talks a little bit about fear, faith and courage. It’s found in the chapter entitled “Childlike Faith.” It reads as follows:

The longer you and I are on Earth, the more we focus on what we can’t do as opposed to what we can do. When logic tells us that taking a risk means failure, the thing that holds us back isn’t our ability, it’s our fear. Our fear that following the illogical path isn’t safe, even if living a life that isn’t true to ourselves is ultimately worse than taking a chance.

Remember, you have the creative genius, the mental ability, or the physical talent necessary. You just need the courage.

Emmanuel Acho – Illogical: Saying Yes to a Life Without Limits – pgs. 44-45

“IT’S OUR FEAR.” Fear can hold me back from more than I even realize. It takes courage to do a new thing, to take one step further into being to that beautiful, loving, hopeful version of myself. If I don’t have the courage to make a change, change will not happen. To let fear rule seems like a lonely, sad, neurotic way to go through life, when instead life could be fully experienced through courage and love.

So, I am going to try a little more each day to believe in myself. To be courageous and loving to myself and others. To put in motion the task of tackling something meaningful to me head-on instead of letting the fear of failure stop me from even trying.

Trying to choose courage over fear,

Sonja K.

Just one of the beautiful scenes I witnessed last year when I chose to go on a canoe trip with a group of ladies I had never met before. One of my best friends invited me and I am so glad she did! Finding the courage to embrace a possibly awkward weekend resulted in the enjoyment of nature with some wonderful people. I am looking forward to the trip again this year!

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