Playing with Words

Hey friends! Happy Wednesday to you all. I hope this week is filled to the brim with good things for each of you.

I have recently begun to write poetry again, which is not something I have done a lot of since high school. While a bit weird and uncomfortable for me to dive back into, writing poems has also been a fun way for me to play around with words and let my soul heal in a different way.  Keeping that in mind, I’ve decided to publish one original poem each month here on my blog. It’s something that scares me a bit, which is why I think it’s probably worth doing.

All I want for you as the reader, is to be able to engage with the words and let them soak in. My hope is that they add something uniquely meaningful to your day. Below you will find the poem I am choosing to share with you this month. I hope some part of it meets your heart today.

Learning to take risks,
Sonja K.

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